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10 Good Reasons

Here are 10 good reasons to buy your eyewear from Eye Care Associates.

  1. Two year warranty on all frames: If for any reason (except loss, theft, or extreme abuse) you need your frame repaired or replaced, we will do it at no charge for two years from the date of purchase.
  2. Two year warranty of lenses with scratch resistant coatings: If you scratch your lenses, we will remake them one time in the two year period from the date of purchase at no charge to you (limited to the same prescription).
  3. Two year warranty on specialty coatings: Anti-reflective coatings or mirror coatings will be replaced one time in a two year period from the date of purchase at no charge to you.
  4. Wide selection of frame styles: Our dispensary has over five hundred frames from which to choose including a large selection of children’s frames and sun wear.
  5. Knowledgeable courteous staff: We can help you find the perfect size, shape and color of frame for all face shapes.
  6. Latest high-tech lens coatings: We use only the most reputable laboratories in the country for our specialty coatings.
  7. Experienced, trained opticians: Our opticians can assist you with the many lens options available that make a great looking pair of glasses. Our experience and expertise in this area are our greatest assets and benefits to you.
  8. Pleasant surroundings: Our modern dispensary is a comfortable atmosphere in which to choose your new eyewear.
  9. We stand behind our prescriptions: Our doctors are available to review your prescription needs if you have any difficulties (at no charge). We want you to love your glasses.
  10. Highest quality available: we use only the highest quality materials for you glasses. We utilize a local professional lab with a national reputation to guarantee the finest quality finished product. Your glasses will normally be ready within five working days. We are not striving to be the fastest, just the best.

Come visit our optical dispensary at your regular eye examination where you'll always find something new!

Designer Eyewear
Prescription, Safety, and Sun-wear frames

Visit our office or check out the on-line catalogs to see some of these name brand frames!

Reading glasses
Ready-made or Custom-made

Look and see your best! We can tailor your next pair of reading glasses to fit your individual needs and style.

Optimal Performance Lenses

  • Single vision lenses - for driving or sports as well as special tints for hunting, shooting, golf, and other activities.
  • Multifocals or trifocals - for everyday use. We offer both lined and progressive (no-line) bifocals and trifocals.
  • Occupational/Safety Lenses - for work environments that require eye protection, we provide OSHA-approved safety glasses.
  • Computer lenses - for working on a computer or in a small environment

Economy Packages

Get high quality eyewear at Boxstore prices. We are pleased to offer economy packages for children and adults. Packages start at $97.


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